Video, Drone and MLS Package $425 plus tax

• MLS photography minimum 50 images

• Drone stills and video

• 2 1/2 minute video with three standups

• travel charges may apply

Please call or email for pricing on other projects.

office 843-379-0223  cel 301-752-1819   email

People shop for homes by looking at the pictures. You have one chance to capture their imagination.Let help you with that. Great images sell houses.

• Fast service

• Lots of pictures so you can choose what you want.

• All finished images delivered within A day or two

• All images are individually corrected with the latest techniques

Benefits to the Real Estate Agent

As a real estate agent there are compelling reasons for using great photography to present a listing:

  • The home seller client will be pleased how you are presenting their property.

  • It’s a well-established fact that great photos and marketing materials are a way to get more listings. Neighbors of the listing property watch carefully how a property is marketed. If they like what they see, they will ask the agent to list their property when the time comes to sell.

  • If there is competition for a listing, the commitment of professionally done photography and marketing materials can help win the listing.