Beach Portraits...

Make a family memory…...

How fortunate we are to have so many lovely beaches in our area. Every family dreams of a beach portrait. Let us make your dream a reality. Choose early morning or dusk for the perfect lighting, and Nature and Eric will do the rest!


Beach Portrait Sessions

Beach sessions last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour, longer for larger groups. For best results, we recommend that you coordinate your outfits for a classic beach portrait. We have found that solid colors work best, like white shirts and khaki shorts. The outdoors is a busy background, so we want all eyes to go to the faces in a portrait.

For fabulous beach portraits, we take a lot of poses and edit down to a minimum of 30 to show you. We excel at “post processing”. We take special care in coloring correcting your images. We lighten or darken as needed. With professional editing software and the knowledge of how to apply it, we add a little extra pop of color that the average photographer cannot do. We crop the images to straighten the horizon. (who wants a crooked ocean?) You receive these digital files, printable up to an 8x10 image.

Session Fees: $499. We have simplified our portrait sessions. Now you pay one fee which includes the session AND the digital files. We will photograph you, then the next day we will upload your cropped and color corrected files to a gallery, and send you the link for you to download. You also get a print release so you can take your files to any local or online photo lab and print up to an 8x10 image.

Print Pricing: Although you will get the digital files, you may just want to order online from our professional lab and have prints mailed directly to you. You can order prints any size from 4x6 to 24x30. Any print 8x10 and larger will be retouched by us before being printed and mailed.

Cluster Gallery Wraps: Cluster Gallery Wraps are extremely value priced groupings of Canvas Wraps at reduced pricing. Get 3, 4,  5 or 6 Canvas prints for the price of 2!